• Nursing Demand

    May 25, 2011, by cheryl, Posted in News, 0 Comment

    The Bureau of Labor Statistics says the nursing industry will see more job growth than any other occupation from now through 2018. Overall nursing jobs will grow by 22.2 % by that year, the bureau said. Bureau statisticians point to a number of reasons for this growth. Newer medical technology means medical personnel can treat a greater number of ailments. The ...

  • Regulations & Nursing Practice

    April 3, 2011, by admin, Posted in News, 0 Comment

    The health, safety and welfare of the general public are protected through legal means. What should be familiar to all nurses are the legal requirements and regulations that are in place to ensure the public safety of those that seek out Nursing services.  The Nurse Practice Act, as the body of law is commonly referred, are the regulations that drive ...

  • The Board of Nursing Powers

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    The Board of Nursing is very powerful but it can only function within the scope granted by the legislature. Common powers the board has include the enforcement of the Nurse Practice Act. In addition the board has four general powers which are: Enforcement of the Nurse Practice Act: The board establishes specific rules and regulations that both define and govern nursing ...