The Board of Nursing Powers

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The Board of Nursing is very powerful but it can only function within the scope granted by the legislature. Common powers the board has include the enforcement of the Nurse Practice Act. In addition the board has four general powers which are:

  1. Enforcement of the Nurse Practice Act: The board establishes specific rules and regulations that both define and govern nursing practice.
  2. The board has the power to license qualified nurses. The board defines the criteria and process for licensure. The requirement for initial licensure application usually includes completion of an approved nursing program, obtaining a passing score on the licensure examination and proof of good character. The Board of Nursing also has authority to make licensure decisions for those who are licensed in one state and seek licensure in another state.
  3. The Board of Nursing is empowered to approve nursing education programs. Many boards set nursing faculty education requirements, establish faculty-student ratios for clinical practice, and develop curriculum requirements for nursing education.
  4. The Board has the power to conduct an investigation and discipline the license of nurses who violate the provisions of the Nurse Practice Act.

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